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Sultanpur Lodhi

Sultanpur Lodhi is a city and a municipal council in Kapurthala district in the Indian state of Punjab. The town is named after its founder, Sultan Khan Lodhi who was a general of Mahmud of Gazni in A.D 1103. which has been also mentioned in Ain-e-Akbari. Sultanpur Lodhi is located on the south bank of a seasonal creek called Kali Bein, which runs 6 miles north of the intersection of both Beas and Sutlej Rivers, 2 of the rivers that make up the Five Rivers (Punj-ab) region of India.


Sultanpur Lodhi is one of the ancient cites of India. It witnesses the proud past of more than 20 centuries.

The city of Sultanpur Lodhi estimated to be established in around 1 century. This city in the period of centuries witnesses the up and downs in term of politics, religion, literature, trade and commerce. It carries lots of memories from its proud past.

Sultanpur Lodhi from 1st century to 6th century was one of the major centers of meditation and knowledge for Buddhism. In that period, the city of Sultanpur Lodhi was known by the name of ‘SARWMANPUR’. Many statues, coins and other such objects were found during the research and digging of the city. It is also believed that the ancient Buddhist book of ‘ABINAV-PRASTAVA’ authored by KATIYANA was written in Sultanpur Lodhi. In 8th century, this place was established as a great empire of Hinduism and Buddhism. Many coins and object of that period was found in this city.

When the Islamic invader Mehmood Gaznavi invades this area, as being a Hindu -Buddhist city, this city was burnt to ashes by his army. The proof of this can be found in the layer of black soil, found few meters below the ground level here. The city of SARWMANPUR after that was nothing but a bunch of peoples living in destroyed city. This was the end of Ancient City of SARWMANPUR.

In 12th century the NAWAB WALI MUHAMAD KHAN, cousin brother of emperor of Delhi NASIR-U-DIN MUHAMAD SHAH was appointed as the HAKAM {Ruler} of Punjab. Once one of the two sons of HAKAM, SULTAN KHAN on his way saw the remains of this city and was attracted by the beauty of the surroundings of the city.

He decided to re-establish this city by his name. This was the complete death of SARWMANPUR and the birth of new city of SULTANPUR LODHI.

This new city of Sultanpur Lodhi was also the center point of the old trade route between Delhi and Lahore. It was one of the major trade centers of north India at that time. It consisted of 32 to major markets and about 5600 shops. At that time the city was spread over in an area of 8 miles. The black canal at that time runs through the center of the city. These features at that time were more than enough to make it a big city.

Sultanpur Lodhi is given a great importance in the ancient book of AIENE AKBARI. This city in those days has many royal gardens and farms. There are many of those royal buildings build at that time, which are still present. One of those is HADERA, which was once the place of rest for the queens on their way to royal gardens. At that time it was a marvelous building. It was also the place of entertainment for royal family, dances and other royal functions were organized here. But unfortunately this place is now just a old building, waiting for its end.

Sultanpur Lodhi, in those days was not only famous for its surrounding or trade, but also for its education. Many of the Islamic schools of education known as MADARASAS were in this city. The two princes of Delhi, AURENGZEB and DARA-SEKOH completed their studies in one of the famous white mosque of Sultanpur Lodhi.

In the end 14th century governor of Lahore DAULAT KHAN LODHI ruled it. GURU NANAK DEV JI came to the city of Sultanpur Lodhi. During the 14-year stay of GURU NANAK DEV JI in the city, many new stories, tales and events were attached to the city.

Sultanpur Lodhi before the start of Sikhism is also called ‘PERRAN PURI’ {City of Monks}. Many religious personalities are related to the city from that time. Many of the tombs {Makbaras} of these monks are still present in the city.

Sultanpur Lodhi is related to Sikhism from its beginning in 14th century. After NANAKANA SAHIB {Now in Pakistan}, Sultanpur Lodhi is the only city which can be said to be most related to the life of first guru of Sikhs, Guru Nanak Dev ji. Guru ji spent more then 14 year of their youth in Sultanpur Lodhi.

It all starts from 1475, when elder sister of Guru ji, BIBI NANKI ji was married to SHRI JAI RAM of Sultanpur Lodhi.

Guru ji’s father was concerned about the future of their son. Resulting which, in 1483 guru ji was sent in the custody of SHRI JAI RAM. Guru ji was employed as the MODI {store incharge} of the MODI KHANA {food supplies store}. Many tales and stories are famous about MODI KHANA and guru ji.

In June 1488, Guru Nanak Dev ji was married to BIBI SULKHANI JI in Sultanpur Lodhi. While staying in Sultanpur Lodhi he gave birth to two sons, in July 1494, SHRI CHAND JI and in Feb 1497, LAKMI CHAND.

Guru ji spent more than 14 years in city. During this period Guru ji was the talk of the town. Then suddenly in late 1497, news of Guru ji drowning in the canal while bathing spread in city like fire. Whole city was in deep sorrow. After three days Guru ji came out of canal with the teaching of "NA KOI HINDU, NA KOI MUSLMAN" {no one is Hindu, no one is Muslim}. After that incident guru ji left his job and started his first UDASI {religious journey} from Sultanpur Lodhi.

After Guru Nanak Dev ji, the fifth Guru Arjun Dev ji on the occasion of his marriage in nearby village DHALA rested in Sultanpur Lodhi. A Gurudwara having the SEHRA and the wedding cloths of guru ji is constructed on that place.

After so much development of the city, unfortunately in 1739 when the NADAR SHAH the famous invader, on his way to Delhi invaded Sultanpur Lodhi and it was again almost destroyed. After looting Whole City, it is set to fire. After that AHEMD SHAH ABDALI again destroyed it.

Later SARDAR JUSSA SINGH AHLUWALIA, after taking the historic monuments under his custody, re establishes this city from the very beginning. But even then it cannot re-gain its old prestige and importance.


As of 2001 India census,[1] Sultanpur Lodhi had a population of 15,653. Males constitute 54% of the population and females 46%. Sultanpur Lodhi has an average literacy rate of 71%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 73%, and female literacy is 68%. In Sultanpur Lodhi, 11% of the population is under 6 years of age. This town extends only to 4 square miles and it is 26 miles away from Jalandhar and 17 miles from Kapurthala.

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