Thursday, May 15, 2008

First Laser - Google Logo Honors Theodore Harold Maiman's Invention

First Laser - The Invention of Ruby Laser on 16th May 1960
First Laser - The Ruby Laser

First Laser: Google Logo on 16th May 2008

The new Google logo celebrates an important milestone in the history of inventions i.e.: the discovery of First Laser by Theodore Harold Maiman on May 16th, 1960.

Theodore Maiman is the Inventor of First Laser
Theodore Harold Maiman: The Inventor of Ruby Laser

To honor this greatest achievement of all time Google has designed a special logo which can be seen here. Moreover, it has also linked its homepage to "First Laser" results page. In past, google had also celebrated the TCP/IP protocol invention on its January 1, 2008's logo.

This first laser was called a Ruby Laser and is considered as one of the greatest modern day inventions. It was a solid-state laser that used a synthetic ruby crystal as its gain medium.

Modern day lasers are used in many fields like: consumer electronics, information technology, science, medicine, industry, law enforcement, entertainment, the military etc.

First Laser - Ruby Laser Pictures Photos Images

First Laser Picture - Ruby Laser Image

Theodore Harold Maiman Pictures Photos : The Inventor of First Laser

Theodore Harold Maiman Picture - The Laser Inventor

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